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GeoIP Security for your peace of mind

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 by Servage

geoip_globeUnfortunately it is a fact that security threats are a reality on the Internet! To address these and to make your hosting package even more secure we have launched GeoIP Security. This enables you to prohibit possible intruders to gain access to your account based on their geographic location or IP address. You can enable GeoIP Security in the control panel, where you also have the ability to specify specific countries and IPs to allow access.

How does this work? Whenever someone tries to login the user is verified against our database to identify if that particular user is allowed to login from that particular geographic location or IP address. We also created an email interaction that allows you to log in should you accidentally lock yourself out of the control panel.

I suggest that you enable GeoIP Security for your account today!

GeoIP Security for your peace of mind, 4.3 out of 5 based on 36 ratings
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Hopefully this will resolve access issues I’ve been having where others were accessing my account and dumping malicious codes into my site. This was done through the insecure custom Servage CP. I have discussed this with other people (whom I had referred to Servage) and they are having the same problems as well.

This better resolve this, or I’m taking my sites and leaving. Sorry to post this in your blog, but this is a serious issue that needs appropriate attention.

Very good idea. My site was hacked 2-3 times last year and in one instance I lost all my data.

Yes I did have a backup, but it was not cuurent.

Anyway, its a good idea

glad too see this new security option.
atleast i know my information and data is a more secure,


response too Geo IP Security

Great innovation & congratulations on introducing it. I checked my account – lots of login attempts from Australia (me) & one from the Russian University Network. Wow, after that, it was the fastest change I have ever implemented on my site.

Great idea, but there’s an awful lot of countries to be adding one by one!!! wouldn’t it be easier if their was either boxes to tick (including a “select all”) box. Or since most people only live in one place and log in only from that country.. exclude all other countries.

That’s actually how it works already :-)
When you have activated GeoIP Security you pick the countries and/or IPs you wish to allow logins from. All other geographic areas or IPs are blocked automatically.

this is a great idea – thank you.

i was disappointed to see that someone from russia had logged into my account – not so cool! i wasn’t even aware of it, and don’t know what they did – but this will make me sleep a bit easier.

Servage rocks – really excellent hosting and support!!!

It can be hard to determine what to choose if you connect for Wireless/3G

Maybe this article in the Servage Wiki can help you along:
Otherwise please feel free to contact our support with more details.

My sites were all hacked and I very much welcome this new facility. However, I too was confused (like Ron Ascott) by the instructions when I enabled GeoIP, but I reasoned that no one would implement the system that way.
Maybe the wording could be made clearer e.g.,
“Select a location(s) from which access will be allowed. All other locations will be denied access”. Or, something similar.

Thank you for the feedback. I will make sure the description becomes more straightforward.

i think this is a really good idea. my blog was hijacked with loads of viagra links last year. this will hopefully help stop that happening again.

I don’t get this.

The geo_ip filter, is it to keep nasty people from visiting my website, or to keep them from trying to log in into the servage control panel with my account?

The GeoIP Security will avoid unwanted people to log in to your account on the Servage control panel. It is not a filter for your website visitors.


This is a great idea. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and locked myself out! Happily I could disable the function from the e-mail I received.

“To activate simply add the countries / IPs you wish to limit account logins from.”

So this means that I add the countries that I allow access from! English is not my first language and I understand it means the opposite. The description must definitely be revised.

The description you quoted has been revised to explain the GeoIP Security function’s status more clearly. I hope this helps :-)

There was always something missing from Servage, and that was a blog.

Thanks for the GeoIP :)

Is my understanding of this correct? As customers our sites are hacked and as customers we have to manage our own security?

No that is absolutely not correct. Servage is continuously developing features that make your Servage account more secure. Most of these are server based functionality that is implemented and maintained by us. The GeoIP Security lets customers add another layer of security, where they can define own rules for access rights to their Servage account based on geographic location and IP addresses. This does not mean that you as a customer are responsible for managing your own security, it means that you as a customer are able to enable/disable/modify a certain security feature like GeoIP Security.

Great effort and an important feature :) I just got mail from Servage that some guy from Venezuela tried to log on to my account. With this feature I’m confident he will not succeed.

Received via email just yesterday:

Someone has attempted to login to your account from (Ukraine). We have denied the login attempt based on your country and/or IP based login limits specified in your control panel.

Well done!

Is it posibble to use wildcards, something like 100.22.214.* because my ISP uses DHCP, so every time a connect a get a bit different IP address

We will be introducing that in the future.

Very nice feature. Hopefully this will keep the Russians out of my account.

Hello, in my case, I saw the log of access where “somebody” entered from another country, just same day I visited a friend who has Windows Vista and also has a strong reputation for having viruses in his network. I accessed the control panel from his machine which more likely sent the cookie to “that other country” from where the control panel was accessed. And yes, I have another server in a local network, which receives ftp attacks every day precisely from Asia: Japan, China, Turkey and Russia… For this I have a cronjob checking the /var/log/messages and when the hits from a specific IP reach 50 in 15 minutes, that IP is set for DROP on the INPUT chain in iptables. It works just fine. Thanks Jakob

Can you provide more information on this? i have read other websites that are on similar subjects.

I just found your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your other posts that you had done . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

I really liked your blog! i read 4 others that are on similar subjets, but they domt update very often, thanks.

I do like your website i read some others that are on similar subjets, but they do not put new posts in very often, thanks.

Great site. Keep doing.

Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!

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