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Sharing knowledge with the Servage Wiki

Sunday, January 25th, 2009 by Servage

wiki_booksServage customers are often well acquainted with the latest online trends. You could call them trendsetters in the online world. As such they also have many questions. Until now only a few of those questions were answered with the available resources on our website and in the control panel. For anything else you had to submit a ticket to our support team and wait for a response.

We are changing this with the introduction of the Servage Wiki. Here you can find answers to many more issues than in our old FAQ. Furthermore you have the possibility to share your knowledge with other Servage users by submitting it to the wiki. Thereby everyone is extending our common knowledge base, hence making it easier for everyone to solve issues – easier and faster.

The success of projects like Wikipedia have shown that using and extending common knowledge with individual contributions is a great way to share as much information to as many as possible. Being a thankful Wikipedia-user myself I hope that the Servage Wiki can provide a similar level of assistance and perhaps even satisfaction to its users.

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Good move. Often your hosting has been superb, but your support has been way off the mark.

Yes, we have seen cases where customers did not receive the support they deserved, which is something we are changing. I hope that will satisfy you in the future.

Hello Servage,

Its really great to know more n more about servage new features and more better services like GeoIP.
I am a servage customer more than 2 years and still want to be with them until i forget what is INTERNET ??


Hello Servage,

My message is a bit contrary to AussieRodney’s: Good move as an addition to the FAQ and hopefully makes it easier to find info to prevent to have to submit a support ticket.

But my experience is contradictory: I had several hosting problems of slow website: web-down alerts from the SiteUptime monitoring servers and also spam attacks. But the Servage Support team on average did a superb job. They respond to a support ticket normally within one or two hours!!

Maybe another nice addition could be the possibility for customers to chat with support in a secured chat messenger program, like is doing.

Love it.
Have allready contributed my share.
And will further give of my knowlegde.

Thank you! Keep up the good contributions to the Wiki :-)

V.Good move

I love your hosting serverice!
Thank you very much for helping me when I need help.
Servage Rules! :)

Looking great!!! :)

I’m new to all this and am no “trendsetter” I hope I can figure this stuff out. I will say that so far I am able to understand most of what I’m reading which coming from me says alot. I’m confused over simple things you may not realize a real beginner doesn’t know. I’m going to keep reading and see if I can figure it all out – so I’m very glad to see your Wiki project!! To all your Servage Vets out there I have one thing to say “HELP!!!”

As some one once said ‘Knowledge is power’

But giving that over to the people builds something even stronger ‘trust’

So great to see the development.


Ps. nice layout too.

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